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Alphabet Bracelets (TM)
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Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Bracelet / Sterling Silver 2 - Alphabet Block Bracelet

~Silver Mother Bracelets~
Sterling Silver AB-SS3 $65+
Sterling Silver AB-SS6 $65+
Sterling/Swarovski AB-SS5 $65+
Sterling/Swarovski AB-SS7 $99+
Crystal Birthstone AB-SS2 $69+
White Pearl AB-P1 $50+
White Pearl AB-P2 $89+
Lapis Lazuli 1 AB-LL1 $49+
Lapis Lazuli 3 AB-LL3 $69+
Crystal AB-SS1 $55+
Hematite Bracelet $55+

~Gold Mother Bracelets~
Gold & Bali AB-G1 $119+
Gold Bracelet AB-G2 99+
Gold Bracelet AB-G3 $99+
Gold & Cat's Eye1 $99+
Gold Bracelet AB-G5 $99+

Gold Bracelet AB-G6 $119+

~Gold Alphabet Blocks~
Gold Block Letters GG1 $99+
Gold Block Letters GG2 $99+

~Birthstone Bracelets~
Birthstone Bracelet AB-G4 $75+
Birthstone Bracelet AB-S4 $75+
Birthstone Bracelet AB-B1 $75+

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1 string - $69
(Shown with upgraded Beaded Toggle Clasp)
July Birthstone Bracelet

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2 string - $138
(Shown with upgraded Beaded Toggle Clasp and a MOM charm)

daisy bead and Swarovski cyrstal alphabet bracelet

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3 string - $207
birthstone bracelets
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Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Alphabet Bracelet - $69 per string
Item: AB-SS2-1

Alphabet bracelets™ with your children's birthstone crystals are fun to wear everyday. This one is made with your choice of Swarvoski crystals, sterling silver 5.5mm alphabet cube beads, sterling silver beads and bead caps and a sterling silver toggle clasp. You may have up to 9 letters per string for FREE and you may have up to 5 strings per bracelet. You may put multiple names and multiple crystal colors on one-string.

Swarovski crystal color options:

Swarovksi birthmonth colors

Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Yellow, Black, Teal, Grey, Purple and Peach

Enter Name(s)/Birthmonth(s):
(e.g. --please abbreviate months -- Johnna/Aug, Amanda/Nov, Christian/Jul, Allie/Jun )

Choose number of strings:
1-string ($69) - up to 9 letters free
2-strings ($138) - up to 18 letters free
3-strings ($207) - up to 27 letters free
4-strings ($276) - up to 36 letters free (comes with slide clasp)
5-strings ($345) - up to 45 letters free (comes with slide clasp)

Letter Blocks: Do you need to add additional block letters to your order?

Choose Size:
(Measure your wrist and add 3/4")

Toggle or Lobster Clasp? (pictures of clasps)

Yes or No?
If you ordered a bracelet with more than one string would you like me to stagger or offset the names so the bracelet is more balanced?


You may add additional items to your bracelet order (or skip down to the ADD TO CART button)...

Add charm to your bracelet - (see charms)
Add another charm -
Add another -

Add Earrings -  
Add Birthstone Crystal Dangle™ -

Add coordinating sterling silver necklace w/o names (+ $99.00)
Add silver polishing cloth for cleaning (+ $5)

Add Gift Wrap -

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July Mothers Birthstone Bracelets
Name/Birthmonth: Amelia/Jul
Clasp: Sorry, Beaded Toggle Clasp is no longer available

~ ~ ~

daisy bead and Swarovski cyrstal alphabet bracelet
AB-SS-2-2 string
Names/Birthmonths: Johnna/Aug & Amanda/Nov
Clasp: Sorry, Beaded Toggle Clasp is no longer available
Charms: MOM charm

~ ~ ~

3 string birthstone bracelet with alphabet block lettres

Names/Birthmonths: Zachary/Mar, Kyle/Jun, Ashley/Mar
Clasp: Slide Clasp

~ ~ ~

If you choose the necklace option you will get a necklace that looks like the bracelet
(about 7" of beads) on an 18" necklace chain.

Questions? missleigha@yahoo.com

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Colon for Bible Verse
Star of David



NOTE: I recommend offsetting or staggering the names when you have a 2 or more string bracelet.
Especially if you don't order any charms. Offsetting or staggering the names will help to more evenly balance the bracelet.

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We accept major credit cards!

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* I make and ship all in-stock jewelry within 1 business day with only a few exceptions. Each bracelet string can have up to 9 sterling silver block letters, additional letters $3.00 each. You could have 2-3 names or nicknames per bracelet string (space permitting). Each piece is individually and custom made by www. in the United States and may not contain the exact beads or clasp shown in the photographs. In addition, the number of beads on each bracelet varies depending on the size of the bracelet. Bracelets with Swarovski crystals are NOT intended for children under 13 years old. Alphabet Bracelets and The Bead Store are Trademarks. Prices subject to change without notice due to the fluctuating silver and gold markets. All Rights Reserved. "Swarovski Crystals" are now officially called "Swarovski Elements".
** Free shipping applies to shipments over $20, sent within the United States and paid with a credit card online.

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